Recently, there has been an increase in the number of companies and motor vehicles which have come to market utilizing the "Vision" name, (Vision Industries, Corp; Vision Motor Corp; Vision Motors; Vision Motor Cars; Vision GT; Vision Gran Turismo; etc.), and which can be confusingly similar to our trademarked name, "VISION SZR". However, please be advised that these companies and/or vehicles are in no way associated or affiliated with the original VISION SZR, or its parent company, Vision Industries, LLC. It has also been brought to our attention that various motor vehicle related companies may be soliciting funding under the "Vision" name, and/or may be inferring to be associated/affiliated with our brand - VISION SZR and Vision Industries, LLC. (One company, known as Vision Industries, Corp., has recently filed for bankruptcy, and unfortunate individuals will likely realize a loss on their investment.) Please be advised that Vision Industries, LLC and the VISION SZR are completely funded by our internal management team, and we do not solicit outside investments of any kind.